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Ivy’s view on the 2018 midterm elections


After the most expensive midterm elections in U.S. history, the people have spoken. The “Blue Wave” was smaller than forecasted, as Election Day 2018 delivered a split legislative body with Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives and Republicans increasing their majority in the Senate. What does this mean for investors?

“Yesterday’s outcome was what we expected: a slight repudiation of President Donald Trump that will lead to a continuation of Washington gridlock, which we believe the markets have already taken into account,” said Derek Hamilton, Ivy Chief Economist. “However, we anticipate the Democrat-led House will launch a number of investigations into President Trump and his administration, which could likely stall parts of the Trump agenda and trigger bouts of market volatility.”

Looking ahead, Ivy anticipates few legislative items to gain traction in 2019. Maybe infrastructure, which we believe could be viewed favorably. However, the markets are wary of the lack of fiscal restraint out of Washington, and a rush of bipartisanship is unlikely in the near term.

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