Insights and Outlook


Headwinds seen easing as tide turns toward quality growth

Year to date, the Ivy Mid Cap Growth Fund has experienced strong returns and is currently performing better versus the Russell Midcap Growth Index, and a number of its mid-cap growth peers. This commentary discusses the Fund’s recent performance and investment opportunities the portfolio management

Midyear Global Market Outlook 2017

Global markets remain strong after growing steadily this year and reaching new highs in U.S. stock indexes. What might investors expect for the remainder of the year?

A time to be selective in the energy sector

We believe a selective approach to the energy sector is important now, but do not advocate broad exposure across the industry in the current environment.

What’s the impact of the surprising UK election?

The results of the United Kingdom’s (UK) general election are a bit of a shock, as the ruling conservative party led by Prime Minister Theresa May lost its majority, winning only an estimated 318 seats in Parliament, versus a needed majority of 326 seats. The UK pound fell by nearly 2%.

Macron win means no “Frexit”

Emmanual Macron’s presidential election win is likely to make Europe overall more attractive to investors.