Legal Information

Ivy Investment Management Company ("IICO") is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  IICO is an affiliate of Ivy Distributors, Inc., both of which are subsidiaries of Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. (NYSE: WDR), which provides investment management and financial planning services to all types of clients globally, through its various subsidiaries. 

IICO provides investment management and advisory services to institutional clients across multiple investment styles and asset classes.  Certain officers and investment staff of IICO also hold offices with Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company ("WRIMCO"), an investment advisor registered with the SEC and another subsidiary of Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc., and provide services to institutional clients as well.

IICO claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  For an independent third party verification of our firm, please click here.  For purposes of compliance with GIPS®, IICO has defined the “firm” as all portfolios managed by IICO and WRIMCO, excluding portfolios owned by Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. and its subsidiaries. Effective as of July 1, 2015, the firm includes all portfolios managed by IICO and WRIMCO. Prior to July 1, 2015, the firm included all institutional separate accounts managed by IICO and WRIMCO. To receive a complete list and description of IICO’s composites, please contact IICO by email at For a presentation that adheres to the GIPS® standards, please contact IICO at or refer to the material here for each of our institutional strategies.

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