About Us

About Us
We are a global organization recognized for managing active investment strategies within a time-tested investment process. Providing a range of strategies to institutional clients globally, our investment management expertise extends across asset classes, including domestic equity, global/international equity, fixed Income and sector/specialty.

As part of an organization dating to 1937, our foundation rests upon an authentic and demanding culture – one that values preparedness, collaboration and accountability. We are an affiliate of Waddell & Reed Financial Inc. (WDR), a publicly-held asset management and financial planning organization.

Our diverse institutional client list includes corporate plans (defined benefit and defined contribution), public plans (defined benefit and defined contribution), insurance providers, insurance general accounts, foundations and endowments and Taft-Hartley plans. We have been providing services to the institutional marketplace since 1972.

Although each investment team is independently accountable for its strategy, there are key traits that define our corporate culture and transcend our products:

  • Fundamental analysis, proprietary research 
    In collaboration with the firm’s more than 80 investment professionals, each team conducts its own fundamental research and rigorous business analysis, supplemented by selected modeling techniques and resources.
  • Risk management 
    Each of our strategies is structured and organized to participate in up markets, striving to manage the risks associated with each investment, relative to its opportunity. Our teams have vast resources available to them in their risk management processes, including an independent internal risk group that provides monthly and quarterly updates regarding factor exposures and unintended risks.
  • High conviction portfolios
    Our portfolio managers pursue actively managed strategies with the belief that their best ideas should result in distinct holdings designed to positively impact returns.

Deep resources for top-down strategic research
Through the firm’s daily morning meeting, driven by collaborative discussion and idea generation, we believe we gain a deep understanding of global equity, credit and currency markets. This daily forum brings together our Chief Investment Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Research, along with all portfolio managers, research analysts, economists and currency specialists, to debate their insights and convictions.

Investment Process

Our investment management team meets every day at 8:45 a.m. in a collaborative setting that fosters idea sharing, yet reinforces individual accountability.

Investment Team

Our expertise spans nearly all asset classes, sectors and disciplines, including global/international, asset allocation, natural resources, science and technology, large and small cap growth, core and value equity and fixed income.
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Our professionals are passionate about active investing, managing risk and partnering with clients to meet objectives.