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The Energy strategy utilizes a long-term diversified approach and seeks opportunities around the world. The portfolio seeks to outperform the S&P Composite 1500 Energy Sector Index over full market cycles, while striving to keep risk low.

Investment Philosophy

The strategy's general investment philosophy includes the following:

  • Focus on energy market fundamentals
  • Energy is a cyclical industry that follows similar patterns through each cycle
  • A contrarian approach to commodity price trends increases opportunity for outperformance
  • We believe in investing in oil versus trading oil
  • Oil is a risky commodity that needs to be diversified through investment across the valuation spectrum, the cap spectrum and quality

Investment Process

The Energy strategy utilizes a top-down, fundamentally-driven research investment process that focuses on three main phases; establishing global market outlooks, identifying trends/sectors and stock selection.

We are a firm whose research techniques are based primarily on fundamental analysis. Therefore, we rely heavily on our internal research capabilities. The portfolio managers, David Ginther, CPA and Michael Wolverton, CFA work collaboratively with the rest of the firm’s investment professionals who provide support and analysis to help formulate global outlooks.

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Key Features

Composite Performance History Since 4/1/2006 
Benchmark S&P Composite 1500 Energy Sector Index
Style Fundamental, Growth and Value
Target Alpha 300 bps above Index
Over full market cycles (3-5 years)
Peer Universe Equity Energy or Natural Resources
Typical Tracking Error 600-800 bps
Holdings Range 35-50
Max Position Size 6%
Sectors/Industries Industry max of 25%. Exposure diversified across industries such as: Exploration/Production, Equipment and Services, Store and Transportation, Refining and Marketing, Integrated Oil and Gas
International Exposure Typically less than 20%
Investment Vehicles Institutional Separate Account
Variable Insurance Portfolio
U.S. Mutual Fund: Institutional Share Class
SMA Model Delivery