Our People

We have at our core a highly respected investment organization that traces its roots to the inception of the mutual fund industry.

Our heritage and our culture are built upon a commitment to investment excellence. Our expertise spans nearly all asset classes, sectors and disciplines, including global/international, asset allocation, natural resources, science and technology, large and small cap growth, core and value equity and fixed income.

Meet Our Team

Dan HansonDaniel P. Hanson, CFA

  • Chief Investment Officer
  • 26 years experience

Gil ScottGilbert C. Scott, CFA

  • Global Director Equity and Fixed Income Research
  • 29 years experience

Mark BeischelMark G. Beischel, CFA

  • Global Director of Fixed Income
  • 28 years experience

Our teams

Average portfolio manager experience

  • 26 years

Average tenure at the firm

  • 18 years

Investment team facts

Economic Team

  • 1 Global Economists
  • 1 International Economist
  • 1 U.S. Economist

Global Fixed Income Team

  • 7 Portfolio Managers
  • 7 Assistant Portfolio Managers*
  • 9 Analysts
  • 1 client portfolio manager**

Global Equity Team

  • 25 Portfolio Managers
  • 4 Assistant Portfolio Managers*
  • 17 Analysts
  • 3 Client Portfolio Managers

Trading / Derivatives Team

  • 10 Traders
  • 3 Derivatives Specialists

*With investment analyst responsibilities.

**Responsibilities held by analyst.

Our research team, led by Gil Scott, CFA, Global Director of Equity and Fixed Income Research, is organized by industry, regardless of geography. Each analyst is charged with covering securities across the globe in his or her respective industries. After meeting with company management teams and conducting extensive fundamental research, analysts provide formal recommendations that are circulated to the entire investment management team.  

We’ve designed our research team to align with the needs of our global clients, a team that is large enough to provide coverage on virtually all industries, yet is small enough to allow for constant face-to-face meetings and collaboration. All investment professionals work in the same building at our corporate headquarters.

Daily Morning Meeting

  • Interaction between analysts, portfolio managers and economists covering global equity, debt and currency markets
  • Fosters collaboration and communication
  • Encourages critical thinking – difference between information and insight
  • Constant broadening of analyst/portfolio manager knowledge base
  • Daily reinforcement that fundamental research is at the core of everything we do

Analysts’ Role

  • Serve the entire investment management organization
  • Simultaneously cover multiple industries
  • Global view
  • Market cap agnostic
  • Span the capital structure

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Our professionals are passionate about active investing, managing risk and partnering with clients to meet objectives.

Assets Managed

as of 12/31/2020
  • Total: $74.8 Billion
  • Institutional: $3.6 Billion

Dedicated Staff

91 investment professionals as of 3/31/2021
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Global Director Equity and Fixed Income Research
  • 32 Portfolio Managers
  • 11 Assistant Portfolio Managers*
  • 26 Analysts**
  • 3 Equity Client Portfolio Managers
  • 3 Economists
  • 3 Derivatives Specialists
  • 10 Traders
  • *With investment analyst responsibilities
  • **One analyst also holds Client Portfolio Manager-Fixed Income responsibilities.
  • Portfolio managers average 26 years industry experience
  • Portfolio managers average 18 years company tenure